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Ken WilberEros & Kosmos is an important voice of Integral Theory and Practice for the Russian-speaking world (with abbreviated versions in other languages).  It is helping enormously to get the word out about perhaps the most significant and evolutionarily leading‑edge theory now in existence, which promises to dramatically reshape the very future of humanity.  If you get a chance, and certainly if you speak Russian, definitely check with this online gem, it’s a real winner!

Ken Wilber, philosopher, author of The Integral Vision and The Fourth Turning

Our Mission

Eros & Kosmos is an online magazine that aspires to present a panoramic vision of all that is emerging at the present moment—all our assets and blessings, as well as all the challenges we face. We describe landscapes of ideas, and we discover tectonic layers of meaning that allow us to perceive and enact reality in its wholeness, a wholeness which is incessantly instantiating itself, fueled by its own inherent history.

We strive to reawaken what Fyodor Dostoevsky in 1880 proclaimed as the universality and global humanity of the Russian spirit, a spirit that resonates with all processes unfolding in the world, and that forms a part of the family of peoples on our planet.

With this goal in mind, we chronicle the integral contemplation of the world, a contemplaton examined in its gradual and multifaceted development, in the course of which it turns towards planetary meanings and transcends any narrow identification with the limiting chains of concrete immediacy.

The monumental tree that is this worldview has its roots in the depths of universal human history, its branches embrace the entire spectrum of human activity and enacted human potential, and its crown ascends into the sky, opening up the horizons of infinite future possibilities.

We focus on events in the interior and the exterior world, and our style is characterized by a multigenre approach, often turning to philosophical reflection and “gonzo philosophy,” but constantly searching for a sudden breakthrough into novelty, embracing in its unifying scope such diverse topics as politics and art, psychology and sociology, rationality and mysticism, theology and technology, brain science, and the hermeneutics of being in a social world.

Towards the end of  his life, the Russian mathematician and philosopher Vasily Nalimov stated: “Today we need free-spirited and diverse thought—thought liberated from stupidity. We need it more than ever.” In our understanding, stupidity manifests as fragmentation, as the dissociation of opinion and action, as the schism between being and consciousness. Therefore, within the pages of Eros & Kosmos, we attempt to heed Nalimov’s call, and apply free-spirited and liberated thought in order to make a determined turn towards wholeness.

Eros refers to the erotic involvement with reality, and to the ever-present, cosmic force that draws us all together with the world and drives us towards greater wholeness, self-transcendence, and creative self-expression. Kosmos is the totality, the all-oneness of the world, which we perceive as a living and dynamic entity, permeated with interrelatedness, intelligence, and awareness.

A number of prominent thinkers believe that we live in a universe that is becoming increasingly self-aware—through our own effort, among other things—and that is unfolding in four domains: matter (physiosphere), life (biosphere), mind (noosphere), and spirit (pneumasphere).

We inquire into the question of how we can be more than just fragments of a shipwreck on the shores of being, in the storm of partiality, but rather, how we can be self-aware, sentient beings, endowed with the gift of free will, waves in the universal ocean of wholeness.


Susanne Cook-GreuterI loved the magazine, Eros & Kosmos, for its outstanding scholarly depths, writing style, and for addressing human quest for meaning and growth.

Susanne Cook-Greuter, D.Ed., leading authority in Adult Development Theory, author of Postautonomous Ego Development

(Full endorsement here.)

Orientation of the Magazine

• transdisciplinarity and postdisciplinarity
• postmetaphysics and integralism
• postformal rationality and transpersonal postrationality
• self-actualization and self-transcendence

All of these terms are defined in the magazine’s FAQ section.

Goals of the Magazine

The goals of Eros & Kosmos are as follows:

Enlightenment (exploring currently existing integrative trends and holistic approaches towards culture, the arts, science, religion, and life in general)
Emancipation (releasing already actualized capabilities of individuals and of societies from the chains of prejudices and artificial limitations)
Transformation (assisting the comprehensive development of human personality and society towards greater depth, truth, goodness, and beauty)
Liberation (enacting practices that allow us to gain  ultimate freedom and wholeness of the self-manifesting consciousness and spirit in society and the world at large)


Eugene Pustoshkin, Chief Editor
Victor Shiryaev, Executive Director, Managing Editor
Gleb Kalinin, Technical Director
Alyona Nagornaya, Editor
Alexander Malakhov, Editor

If you are an author who wants to contribute, please visit the Authors section for further information.

Publication Information

ISSN 2409-496X
Start year: 2014
Frequency: Varies (no determinable frequency)
Publisher’s Name: “Eros i Kosmos”
Place: St. Petersburg, Russia